Welcome to testyourcolumn.org! This site provides a fast, easy, comprehensive test for your HPLC column. Simply run a test mixture of 16 compounds (which may be purchased here) under a set of standard conditions and load your LC-MS data file into the open-source Test Your Column application.

The application processes the data file and automatically extracts:

  • Retention factors for each compound (k)
  • Column selectivity parameters including
  • Hydrophobicity (HMS)
    Steric interaction(S*MS)
    Hydrogen bond acidity(AMS)
    Hydrogen bond basicity(BMS)
    Charge interaction(CMS)
  • Number of theoretical plates (N)
  • Height Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate (HETP)
  • Column dead time (t0)
  • Peak width at half height for each standard (FWHM)
  • USP tailing factors for each standard

See the step-by-step instructions to learn how you can test your own column using this approach.

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